Originally from Venezuela, currently in New Jersey/New York, electronic music, social media...Dj as hobby, I like to promote electronic music online and on my Mixtapes you can listen @ The Electric Space has 4 pillars/areas: Techno Attic, House Room, Trance Hall and the Bassment)... ... interested in in electronics, electronica, livetronica, laptronica, electroacoustic, experimental, acousmatic, computer music, sound art, visual arts, digital arts and photography.



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   Originario de Venezuela, residente del area de New Jersey/New York, apasionado de la musica electronica, social media y las artes... DJ como hobby, me gusta promover la musica electronica en social media, en mis series de mezclas para El Espacio Electrico (The Electric Space) El Espacio Electrico tiene 4 pilares: House, Techno, Trance y Bass (Techno Attic, House Room, Trance Hall y el Bassment)... ...interesado en la musica electronica, livetronica, electroacustica, arte sonoro, arte visual, fotografia, entre otros...


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This is my remix for the Don't Wait Remix contest from Spinnin' Records Talent Pool and SPRS. Este es mi remix para la competencia de Spinnin' Records vayan aqui para votar / GO HERE TO VOTE >>> https://www.spinninrecords.com/profile/edoardo-salazar

Saludos y se les quiere;
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Edoardo S.